Premieres This Spring

An overview of compositions that will be released this season.

Bolero Concertante
Bolero Concertante for Concert Band premiers on March 1st at Carnegie Hall during the New York Wind Band Festival.

Baile de Fantasia
This piece for accordion orchestra is written on behalf of NOVAM. KNA will provide the premiere on April 9th at The Hofkerk in Goor.

The Power of Youth
The Power of Youth is an overture for a Fanfare Band written for the 25th anniversary of the Frysk Youth Fanfare Orchestra.

De Maarschalk van Saterslo
A theatrical composition, based on texts by Laurens ten Den, for Fanfare Band, Drum Band, Choir, and soloists. The St. Caecila Saasveld music association commissions the score. This spectacle premieres on June 4th, 5th, and 6th. More detailed information is available at

Hout, Koper, Brons en Staal
Hout, Koper, Brons en Staal (Wood, Copper, Bronze, and Steel) is commissioned by music association Juliana from Almen. This composition is written for Concert Band and church bells. On June 6th, the piece premieres at the foot of the Almense church tower with two Hemony bells from 1645.

Bolero Concertante in New York

Hout, Koper, Brons en Staal

Concert Band
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