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World Premiere in New York

The Journey of the Half Moon premiered at April 11th, 2017. Australian BRYO performed this new piece in Carnegie Hall.

Conducted by Shaun Dorney, the Brisbain Regional Youth Orchestra performed The Journey of the Half Moon in Carnegie Hall New York. The Journey is composed for World Projects in occasion of New York International Music Festival 2017.

The Journey of the Half Moon resembles the journey of the ship 'de Halve Maen'. The ship left Texel, The Netherlands, in 1609 with the mission to find via Nova Zembla a passage towards India. In September of the same year, the ship sailed onto the Hudson River at the height of Nieuw Amsterdam, later renamed to New York.

The composition is written for Symphony Orchestra and is available via World Projects.

The Journey of the Half Moon

Symphony Orchestra
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The Carnegie Hall building in New York

The Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra